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Laser Cutting

With the pride and responsibility of being a pioneer in the metal world, at Parladı Metal, we transform your designs into reality with our laser cutting service. With modern technology and our expert team, we complete your projects to the highest level of satisfaction.

Parladı Metal is dedicated to understanding the demands of its customers and offering them customized solutions. We know that each project is unique, and we bring your projects to life with our capabilities in laser cutting.


After undergoing laser cutting, the metal is then bent with the help of a machine called a press brake. The press brake allows for the bending of the metal sheet at specific angles to achieve the desired shape. This enables the transformation of the metal sheet into various parts or products.

The combination of laser cutting with the press brake bending process allows for the cutting and shaping of metal, enabling the production of more complex and customized designs. Laser press brake bending is an effective manufacturing method particularly used in the industrial production, automotive, construction, and metalworking sectors. This process is a crucial solution for situations where materials need to be precisely cut and shaped.

Laser Welding

Laser welding is a welding method used for joining materials together. In this method, a laser beam is used to join the materials. The laser beam is focused on the material, and the energy at this focal point melts or vaporizes the particles on the material surface, thereby providing the weld.

Laser welding can be focused with much greater precision compared to other welding methods, therefore, it allows for the production of finer and more complex parts.

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding is a welding method that involves the use of industrial robots to automate the process of joining or welding metal parts together. It is a method that operates with high precision, making it ideal for achieving repeatable and consistent welding results.


Zinc Coating
By integrating laser technology into the zinc coating process, we achieve more precise and controllable results compared to traditional zinc coating methods. Laser technology is capable of performing very fine and precise operations. This allows for the zinc coating to be applied in a thinner and more controlled manner.

Cathodic Electrodeposition Coating
Cathodic electrodeposition, also known as electrophoretic deposition or cathodic electrophoresis coating, is a coating method used to protect metal materials against corrosion, enhance their aesthetic appearance, and increase their durability. Cathodic electrodeposition involves an electrochemical process. The material is subjected to an electrochemical coating process in which the surface coating material is deposited while the material acts as a cathode between electrodes in a solution. This provides a homogeneous and durable coating.

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