Parladı Metal: 46 Years of Experience and Global Success Story

Parladı Metal, which laid its foundations as a metal processing workshop in Bursa, has become a company that exports products to eight different countries by reaping the fruits of the investments it has made in 46 years. It was among the 10 leading companies in Turkey with 16 million exports in 2022. Halil Parladı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Parladı Metal, emphasized their significant success in exports and said, 'We export products to various countries of the world such as Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt and Tunisia. We are proud to be among the top 10 in the sector in Turkey.' he said. Stating that the company is known for its superior workmanship in the automotive industry, Halil Parladı emphasized that they specialize in steel sheet slitting, grading, cutting and sizing processes, and that they serve the leading brands in the sector. Parladı Metal General Manager Mehmet Parladı stated that they are pursuing big goals as a brand and said, 'Being among the top 300 in the industry was one of our biggest goals. Parladi Metal owns 2 4 kW and 3 6 kW Nukon brand laser machines, 2 Baykal and 1 Dnr brand Abkants. They lead the sector with an export potential of 65 percent with robot welding machines and add new targets to their success by growing in the steel sheet processing sector every year,' he said.